Fuchsia Butterfly on A Rose Silk Wrapped Flower Hair Pin



Let your inner beauty shine with this luxurious Fuchsia Butterfly on A Rose Silk Wrapped Flower Hair Pin. Crafted from natural silk, natural pearl, and Czech glass beads, this stunning hairpin is designed to make you glow. The live-like rose and beautiful butterfly on the petal give your look an exquisite air of sophistication and grace. Make your look bloom and let the world bask in your timeless elegance.

Materials & Measurements

Materials: natural silk, natural pearl, and Czech glass beads
Measurements: (flower) 8cm x 6cm; (pin) 7.5cm

Order Processing Time

4-6 weeks after payment completion.

Maintenance & Care

To preserve the beauty and delicate nature of your silk products, it is essential to store them with care, please follow these care instructions:

  1. Store your silky pieces in a closed container, such as a jewelry box or a dedicated drawer, to keep your silk-wrapped flowers protected from external elements.
  2. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can cause fading over time. Additionally, keep them away from dust and water, as moisture can damage the silk threads.
  3. As for cleaning, silk art products generally do not require frequent cleaning. However, if your silk-wrapped flowers get dirty or dusty, use a gentle approach to maintain their pristine appearance.
  4. Dampen a soft towel with water and gently wipe off the dirt or dust from the surface.
  5. Allow the flowers to air dry naturally before placing them back in the jewelry box or container.
  6. Remember, the key is to handle them with care and avoid using harsh cleaning agents that may harm the delicate silk threads.

By following these storage and cleaning tips, you can ensure that your silk products remain in exquisite condition, ready to adorn your hair or embellish your surroundings for years to come. Embrace the beauty of these timeless creations, and they will bring joy and elegance to your life.

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Silk and pearls unite, a dance of grace,
Roses bloom, a butterfly takes its place.
Intricate threads, delicate and true,
Nature's artistry, captured for you.

Petals whisper secrets of the breeze,
Pearls shimmer softly among the leaves.
A hair stick adorned with nature's kiss,
A symphony of beauty, pure and bliss.

With every adornment, a story to tell,
Of roses and butterflies, in silk they dwell.
Embrace the elegance, wear nature's delight,
A precious accessory, shining in the light.


This exquisite hair stick combines the delicate beauty of roses and the fluttering elegance of a butterfly, all captured in intricate silk wrapping. Each rose petal and butterfly wing is meticulously crafted, showcasing the harmony of nature's elements. The addition of lustrous pearls adds a touch of sophistication to this wearable work of art. With every use, embrace the union of floral grace and the free spirit of a butterfly, embodying a celebration of nature's wonders.

Enchanting Chinese Silk Arts

Chinese silk arts, encompassing the mesmerizing techniques of Silk Wrapped Flowers and Silk Velvet Flowers, are enchanting testaments to the profound aesthetics and cultural significance deeply ingrained in Chinese heritage. These art forms epitomize the delicate fusion of nature's grace with human creativity, meticulously weaving together intricate silk threads to emulate the allure of real blossoms. The resulting masterpieces evoke a sense of timeless beauty that has been cherished across generations, reflecting the Chinese veneration for art as a means of expressing reverence for nature's wonders. These crafts not only adorn living spaces with captivating elegance but also serve as embodiments of traditional values, fostering a deep connection to the past while adorning the present. In Chinese culture, these silk arts are more than mere decorations; they are eloquent expressions of the harmonious coexistence between humanity and the natural world, encapsulating the essence of beauty and cultural richness.